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Tameesheh Co. has been proudly conducting fundamental research in the field of soil-based microorganisms since 2012 and has been able to produce and supply various biological products. Biological and organic fertilizers are the main products of Tameesheh Co. Preparation of various collections of beneficial and growth-promoting bacteria in the form of microbial banks and mass productions are other activities in Tameesheh Co. In the past few years with 7 types of fertilizer licenses and in recent years by obtaining two more licenses, Tameesheh Co. has been able to play an important role in producing and providing active ingredients for biofertilizers. Registration of licenses for new products according to market needs is another area of activity of this company. In summary, the main areas of activity of this company can be described as follows.
● Research and development in the field of collection, isolation and use of various beneficial soil microbial agents
● Production of microbial products resulting from the activity of beneficial soil microorganisms
● Production of plant growth stimulants
● Production of different types of biofertilizers
● Production of organic fertilizers with different formulations
● Production of chemical fertilizers with different formulations

To implement these measures, the company uses experts and specialists in Soil Biology, Plant Protection, Plant Biochemistry, and Marketing and also in other fields such as Chemistry, Biology and Food Sciences. Tameesheh Co. is also a leader in providing consulting and research work as we have a cutting edge and well-equipped soil biology laboratory. We also have cooperation agreements with soil and water laboratories across the country. In the light of these scientific and technical collaborations, the presentation of appropriate programs to maintain the health of soil, crops and society has been defined as the vision of Tameesheh Co.

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