Export of biomix products to the Turkmen market
The first export shipment of biomix products entered the Turkmen market.

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According to the public relations of Danesh Binan Tamisheh Company and quoting the CEO of the company, the first export shipment of biomix products including complete nutrient solution, 35 and 7 g rooting hormones, cactus soil in packages of 2 and 40 kg, potting soil, superformi compost, Special soil for seedlings worth $ 15,000, equivalent to 45 million Tomans, was exported by flower and plant exporters from Gorgan to Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.
Therefore, the report of this shipment is for marketing and it is predicted that if the responsible institutions cooperate to support domestic production in 1993, it will increase to 15 thousand dollars per month.
It should be mentioned that these products have been produced in Danesh Binan Tamisheh Company and under the supervision of experts and specialists in soil sciences, chemistry and phytosanitary in the production unit of Danesh Bonyan Company.

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