Potting soil

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Plants and ornamental flowers, like trees, need to be fertilized. Fertilizing plants is sometimes called nutrition. Fertilizers are not only for increasing growth but also for the natural health of plants....

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potting soil

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Plants and ornamental flowers like fertilizers need to be fertilized, fertilizing plants is sometimes called nutrition. Fertilizers are not only to increase growth but also for the natural health of plants. Most plants, ornamental and apartment flowers over time and due to Growth loses the necessary elements. Therefore, in order to maintain their freshness and growth, as well as their health, it is necessary to add macro-micro elements to the soil of pots during irrigation. Biomix complete nutrient solution with all the necessary elements of ornamental plants and houseplants increases vegetative and reproductive growth of plants. Regulating plant growth, increasing leaf greenness, increasing flower color quality, freshness and durability of ornamental flowers and finally increasing plant resistance to plant pathogens, are other features of the complete biomix nutrient solution. Using this nutrient solution, freshness and Provides vitality to flowers. The amount and method of feeding the plants with this nutrient solution is written on the product packaging.
The soil is the place where the plant is located and contains the nutrients needed by the plants. Biomix potting soil is a combination of vermicompost, perlite and leaf organic fertilizer that is offered in 2.5 and 40 kg packages.
This product is suitable for houseplants, green spaces, gardens, planting beds, seedlings and seedlings.
Fully sterile - hygienic - disinfected and odorless
Free of seeds of any weeds, pests, nematodes and insect larvae.
High water storage capability and no need for continuous irrigation
Having the main elements needed by plants
High volume capacity
Easy root expansion and better plant growth due to light texture and good permeability are among the advantages of this product.

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